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25 KDF 2019






Kalamata Central Square | 21:00


Four characters find refuge in a long-forgotten backstreet named Cape Alley. Each night, Cape Alley is turned into a gritty vaudeville, illuminated by a whirlwind of limbs, rhythmic rituals, and playful sparring. TrashDollys perform in Greece for the first time.


TrashDollys was founded in 2014 by dancer, choreographer, and creative director Sam Amos. Combining raw physicality with imaginative story-telling, TrashDollys strive to connect, move, and inspire through live performance and film.

The performance Cape Alley is presented at 25th Kalamata International Dance Festival with the support of the British Council.

British Council Greece 80 Years RED



Kalamata Central Square | 21:00



In Tipping point a human figure explores the relationship between music and rhythm through movement. With every new musical theme, a movement metaphor is developed in an attempt to express connections, fluctuations in speed and size, as well as the dynamics and drama that might occur during its execution. While the limits of an idea are tested before it transforms or evolves, a story takes place in the form of kinetic problems caused by the performer himself in order to seek solutions, adaptations, and compromises.


Performer: Andi Xhuma


Andi Xhuma studied dance at the National School of Dance in Athens, Greece (2009-2012). Since then he has worked with various choreographers and companies in Greece and abroad, such as Yiannis Adoniou, Hannes Langolf, Ermira Goro, Konstantinos Rigos, Anton Lachky, Cocoon Dance Company, and DV8 physical theatre. Since 2015, he has been creating his own performances for live stage and video. His short film Normal Day has participated in and won awards at dance cinema festivals in North America, Australia, and Europe. In 2018, he made his debut as a young choreographer, along with Christos Xyrafakis, with their performance Ok, that’s you at the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens.


Kalamata Central Square | 21:00

Joy Lukas


Connected by their roots in Urban Dance, Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Lukas Steltner create their pieces drawing from both the dynamic movement of contemporary dance and Bboying as well as tension and other emotional states.


Performance: Joy Alpuerto Ritter & Lukas Steltner


Joy Alpuerto Ritter graduated from the Palucca Dance School of Dresden. She has been working as a freelance dancer with Akram Khan, Wangramirez, Christoph Winkler, Heike Hennig, and the Cirque du Soleil. Her versatile background from classical training to Urban Dance techniques has allowed her to develop a unique movement esthetique. She has been creating her own choreographies since 2016.

Lukas Steltner is a German BBoy/breakdancer and actor. He has performed in pieces by Heike Hennig & Company, Hong Nguyen Thai, and Adrian Figueroa, as well as in different variété and circus shows. As an actor, he has appeared in various German television shows and feature films.


Kalamata Central Square | 21:00



I sweep the air,
I catch a mosquito,
I blow a butterfly,
a feather falls,
stuck onto hands,
the mind wonders,
the body sleepwalks,
like an outraged whale,
damned mosquitos,
living vampires,
losing their sight,
in their dreams,
they transform.


Born in Chania, Greece in 1994, Ioulia Zacharaki has always loved dancing. What she loves most is contemporary dance, despite not being able to explain exactly what it is. She loves creating imaginary landscapes and living through them, like in a dream. She is also intrigued by the body’s construction and capabilities, both in daily life and in dance, and strives to combine them.


Kalamata Central Square | 21:00

Anna Calsina


“On the threshold of history, before the invention of writing, we would have invented dreams. Man would have begun, in certain places, to manipulate images. To manipulate the remains of the visible and reverse the proportion of light.”
[Jean-Louis Schefer, from the documentary Le Labyrinthe – Le Temps, la Mémoire, les Images by Philippe Grandieux (1989)]


Performer: Anna Calsina Forrellad
Music: Quentin Manfroy


Anna Calsina Forrellad studied dance and fine arts in Barcelona. Since 2008, she has participated in numerous creations with James Thierrée, Boris Gibé, Carlos Pez, Camille Boitel, Claire Ruffin, Lali Ayguadé, and Rootlessroot. A long-term collaboration with Lisi Estaràs led her to participate in several plays, currently in Monkey Mind, supported by ballets C de la B. She works closely with Murielle Felix for the creation of short films, such as Le réveil. She is currently creating a piece with Groupe Pluton supported by Workspacebrussels and Buda Kortrijk.

Quentin Manfroy studied flute at the Brussels Conservatory and improvisation with Fabrizio Cassol. He has worked in classical music ensembles (Sturm und Klang), in more eclectic groups (Maak, Matthieu Ha), and with traditional musicians (the Gnawas of Marrakesh, Tunisian singer Ghalia Benali). He has won several international awards and is guest professor at several conservatories.


Kalamata Central Square | 21:00



An object is created and after a while it degrades. A person is born with a flexible body, which ages until it loses its capacity to move. A sculpture is also a human body. A body with emotions and moves.
In 2015, Lali Ayguadé was invited by the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona to bring to life her interpretation of the Foundation’s exhibition Miró i l’objecte. As a result, Entre dos leads the audience on a journey through transformation and identity, where dance is one of the many resources Ayguadé uses to translate her thoughts. Interacting with the audience and the space, Entre dos is a living witness to Ayguadé’s creative process and invites us to discover raw emotions and the virtuosity of the body.


Concept-Performance: Lali Ayguadé
Music: Ars Nova Copenhagen
Booking-Company Production: Big Story Performing Arts
With the support of Joan Miró Foundation. Piece created for the exhibition Miró i l’objecte (24 November 2015).

The performance Entre dos is presented at 25th Kalamata International Dance Festival with the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through the Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE), in the framework of the Mobility grants.



Lali Ayguadé (Barcelona, 1980) is a Catalan performer and choreographer. She has worked with the Akram Khan Company, Hofesh Shechter, Roberto Olivan, and Baró d’Evel, among others. She founded her own company in 2013 and has since created full-evening pieces, such as Kokoro and iU Mi, which are the two first parts of a trilogy. Another highlight is Incognito, which inspired part of the Oscar-nominated short film Timecode.


Kalamata Central Square | 21:00

Eva Georgitsopouloui


miTerra. My Mother, my Earth. A creation inspired by and dedicated to a mother’s journey. A physical representation of the female body, which can transform, stay alive, and create a land for a new life. A body made to create new pathways, to be exposed, to be aware or not, to be strong and vulnerable, to simply exist.


Choreographer-Performer: Eva Georgitsopoulou


Eva Georgitsopoulou is a Greek dancer based in Berlin. She studied Law and graduated from the National School of Dance in Athens. She has worked for projects by Noa Zuk, Shlomi Bitton, and Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. She has also collaborated with the Oktana Dance Theatre, the Hellenic Dance Company, Cia Sonia Rodriguez, Inside The Body Performing Arts, Frantics Dance Company, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Edivaldo Ernesto, and, since 2016, as a performer, with the Aerites Dance Company/Patricia Apergi. Her own creations have been staged in Greece and Germany. 


Kalamata Central Square | 21:00 



Ohtli (Path) is a solo by Francisco Córdova on the virtue of pursuing the horizon and making sense of every step along the way. Of treading lightly, without bonds, in search of the eternal horizon.
“…when the crow was born, it pulled on its navel and for this reason it now walks” (from a Náhuatl myth).


Francisco Córdova is a Mexican dancer, choreographer, and teacher. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Dance from the National School of Mexico and Master’s degrees in Theater Studies and Scenic Direction and Stage Lighting from the Institute of Theater in Barcelona, Spain. He has also studied in Montreal and New York. Córdova is director of the company Physical Momentum, of the ATLAS México Festival, and of the Training Program of Techniques of Movement (TDM) in Mexico and Barcelona. Since 2006, he has developed his own methodological approach (Body Action), which he has taught in numerous workshops in companies, festivals, and international art centres in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


Kalamata Central Square | 21:00



Water, the element that overcomes adversity, the purest element, necessary, moldable, liquid, rigid, volatile, decisive when giving life or when removing it. Chey Jurado performs for the first time in Greece with an unpredictable short piece, which immerses the audience in the infinite ways of interpreting the qualities of water through movement, a tribute of water to itself.


Chey Jurado is a young movement researcher and self-taught in styles that belong to the hip hop culture. For several years now, he has been immersing himself in the contemporary movement, working with renowned Spanish national companies, giving him another artistic approach that he uses to generate his own experimental movement as a result of the mixture of different dance styles and movement arts.


27.7.2019 | Kalamata Central Square | 21:00
28.7.2019 | Costa Navarino | 20:00



Les Vikings Cie perform in Greece for the first time with L’Aveuglement, a play inspired by José Saramago’s novel Blindness. A lonely man is walking. He was blinded for no reason a few days earlier. A blindness that disrupts and isolates him, dictates his acts, and manipulates him. He realizes that he has to live with it, understand it, and even like it. This is the beginning of a long journey during which he will learn how to transform a disability into a ‘dance of life’.

Concept-Dancers: Sara Olmo & Victor Launay
Music: Putos a Roubar maças (Dead Combo) & Green Grass (Tom Waits)


Les Vikings Cie was created by Sara Olmo and Victor Launay with the duo Étreinte, in Brussels in 2014. In 2014, the company won two second prizes at the Les Synodales (Sens) and Certamen International de Coreografía Burgos – New York choreography competitions. The following year, L’Aveuglement was presented and awarded first prize at Certamen International de Coreografía Burgos – New York and the special prize of the city of Biarritz at Les Synodales. The company’s members also collaborate as choreographers and teachers with many establishments around Europe.


As part of the Festival’s collaboration with the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Konstantakopoulos Foundation, which aims to promote Messenia’s cultural heritage and contemporary cultural creation to international visitors, the 25th Kalamata International Dance Festival’s outdoor performances, held in the city’s central square from 20 to 27 July, will be broadcasted the following day at Costa Navarino, where Les Vikings Cie will repeat L'Aveuglement, but also exclusively perform Étreinte, on 28 July.


capetan vasilis logo en


28.7.2019 | 20:00 | COSTA NAVARINO

Embracing, caressing, besieging, captivating, abducting, imprisoning, oppressing, torturing, smothering— through such contradictions emerges a picture of tenderness, passionate love, violence, cruelty. The performance is inspired by Federico García Lorca’s Mariana Pineda, a play on the nineteenth-century Spanish liberalist heroine and her executioner. It explores the latter’s fascination for the woman he is to kill and the victim’s choice to resist, like Antigone, remaining loyal to her beliefs, while seeking a dignified death.

Juan Gomez, Arena
Silvia Pérez Cruz & Ravid Goldschmidt, Luna
Silvia Pérez Cruz, Blancanieves (Saeta) 


Josef Nadj Mnémosyne

In Mnémosyne, Josef Nadj takes on photography as a performative art, linking and weaving the two arts together. He works with a paradox where the time of the show flows, inevitably, with the flow of life, whereas a photograph, like death, stops time and immobilizes movement. The genesis of a photographic image, with its successive stages—from composing the scene (preparing the set and props, placing and posing of the figures) to shooting and developing the image—in other words the transformation of a staged, three-dimensional scene, into a two-dimensional photograph, is precisely the aim and subject of this piece. In Mnémosyne, this interplay of knowledge and know-how also sheds light on how photography has contributed to the philosophical and aesthetic aspects of knowledge, and how it has influenced our sense of vision, i.e. shaped our view of the world, intervening in history and especially art history.




Understanding dance above all as a site for encounter, this is how Josef Nadj defines his work. Beyond his role as choreographer, Nadj is an artist without borders and without barriers. Dancer but also visual artist and photographer, his vision of humanity is poetic and passionate. 

Constantly in search of new forms, ceaselessly willing to explore humanity as closely as possible to the human truth. Across his career, from Canard pékinois (1987) to Mnémosyne (2018), Nadj has relentlessly pursued exigent and passionate choreography, where gravity and compassion take turns, where depth and humour alternate. Whether he is visiting atypical authors (Beckett, Kafka, Michaux) or bringing painting along with him on stage (in a performance with Miquel Barceló), Nadj flourishes in complete corporal freedom. Oscillating between reality and fantasy, tradition and modernity, he explores the essential: man’s relationship with himself. Because for Nadj, dance is fundamentally a humanist act.
Over the years, the works of Nadj have become reference points in contemporary dance. Acclaimed nationally (Carte Blanche at the Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris in 2014; Associated Artist at the 2006 Avignon Festival, which officially designated him as “creator without borders”), his work is also recognized and celebrated around the globe. Nadj has been enthusiastically received by 400,000 audience members in the most important international venues across five continents. Drawing his inspiration from the depths of the great myths of humanity, passionately intertwining both artistic disciplines and cultural references, Nadj is elaborating a universal language. From 1995 to 2016, Nadj was director of the Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans. In 2017, he established his new company Atelier 3+1 in Paris.

Mike Rafail Ten

24 → 28.7.2019  
Kalamata Dance Megaron - Studio Lobby | 19:00-22:00

Mike Rafail, creator of the 24th Kalamata International Dance Festival’s visual identity, for which he received three Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards, presents a photographic exhibition titled TEN, which is both an archive and an art installation. The artist made portraits of the dancers who participated in the 24th Kalamata International Dance Festival ten minutes after the end of their performance. The dancers’ faces convey the effort, satisfaction, fatigue, and relief that follows the show’s completion, together with so many other enigmatic thoughts and feelings. This is a deeply human moment, away from the stage lights, when the dancers have accomplished their missions.




At the same time, these portraits constitute an unusual archive of the Festival, a touching memory of the people who filled the scenes of the Kalamata Dance Megaron with their work, performance, and soul.

Kalamata Photography Association Bodies in the Light

19 → 28.7.2019  
Kalamata Dance Megaron - Studio Lobby | 19:00-22:00

Photography meets dance. Every ‘click’ captures that magic moment in which the body discovers new ways to express itself, to move and be moved, while the photograph becomes a body dancing in the light.


ekthesi fortografias


Founded in January 2017 and coordinated by Nikos Iliopoulos, the Kalamata Photography Association nurtures the practice of and artistic expression through the art of photography. Since its establishment, the group has collaborated with various institutions in Messenia as well as with groups, associations, and photography clubs across Greece.



SCREENING Louise Lecavalier: In Motion

Kalamata Dance Megaron - Forecourt | 21:30


Louise Lecavalier: In Motion
(Louise Lecavalier: Sur son cheval de feu)


The film tells the inspiring story of Canadian dancer Louise Lecavalier, a member of the La La La Human Steps dance company, which was founded in 1980 and disbanded in 2015. An irrepressible artist, Lecavalier revolutionized contemporary dance in the 1980s while working with choreographer Édouard Lock. With Lecavalier as its star dancer, the company collaborated with leading rock musicians, such as David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Skinny Puppy, Einstürzende Neubauten, Kevin Shields, David Van Tieghem, and Carole Laure, among others. Today, at 61, Lecavalier enjoys a successful international solo career. She is a true icon of dance and a unique creator, whose art transcends the human body’s limitations. The film combines spectacular dance sequences, original scores, and exclusive interviews to create an intimate and touching portrait of this inspired artist and her quest for perfect movement.

Starring: Louise Lecavalier, France Bryère, Robert Abubo, Patrick Lamothe, Frédéric Tavernini, Marc Béland, Pierre-Mary Toussaint, Kier Knight, Angelo Barsetti.

The screening of the documentary film Louise Lecavalier: In motion is presented at 25th Kalamata International Dance Festival with the support of the Embassy of Canada.



25.7.2019 | 22:00 Werckmeister harmóniák | 139'
26.7.2019 | 22:00 A torinói ló | 155'
Kalamata Dance Megaron - Studio


Werckmeister harmóniák (Werckmeister Harmonies)
A torinói ló (The Turin Horse)


Béla Tarr is considered one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. He began shooting amateur 8mm films at the age of 16 in 1971 to represent reality, as he said, because it was not shown in movies. His films came to the attention of the Béla Balázs Studios, which helped fund his first feature film. Tarr shows true life and people without any allegory or symbolism. His approach is deeply anthropocentric, poetic, and philosophical. Throughout his career as a cinematographer Tarr has regularly collaborated with his wife and editor Ágnes Hranitzky and writer László Krasznahorkai. His black-and-white, several hours-long films have minimal action and formidable cinematography. Most of his films use non-professional actors. Tarr is interested in the poor and humble, of whom no one speaks. He seeks landscapes that resemble the humans in his films. Time is never a constraint. He loves people, loves to observe and represent them, and allows himself all the time required to do so.

At Kalamata Dance Megaron’s Main Stage two of Tarr’s most important films will be presented: Werckmeister Harmonies (2000) and the more recent Turin Horse (2011), which he has said will be his last.

Τhe scheduled open talk with film director Béla Tarr on the 26th July, will not take place. Béla Tarr has cancelled his participation at Kalamata Dance Festival because of a recent accident after which he has to go through immediate surgery.



Blues Εscape Βand Dancing the blues

Kalamata Dance Megaron - Forecourt | 20:30

blues escape

A blues-rock band from Kalamata

John Forrow vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards
George Hoholis vocals, guitar
Paris Chatziadam bass
Giannis Chalkidis   drums

The band plays a wide range of blues-rock, from Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry rock-and-roll, via old blues classics by MuddyWaters and Robert Johnson, to blues champions like BB King, Eric Clapton, and more modern exponents of the genre, such as Joe Bonamassa and Rory Gallagher. They also intersperse the covers with some of their own original material. They are a regular feature of Kalamata nightlife.

In co-production with the International Kalamata Music Days organised by the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata.

municipal musicdays  



Blues Escape is a blues band formed in 2016 by guitarists John Forrow and George Hoholis, both teachers at the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata. Having worked together on various projects since meeting in 2010, they decided to create a Chicago blues style band as something different for the city of Kalamata. They were joined by Giannis Chalkidis, an experienced and exciting drummer, with the charismatic Paris Chatziadam on bass adding the final touch.


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