Side Events

25th International Kalamata Dance Festival
115 side events (music, theatre, visual arts, photography, cinema)
21 publications
3 video productions
43 workshops led by internationally renowned dancers, dance teachers and choreographers

1st Festival 1995
  • Camaleo (street theatre)
  • Orchestra of Colours
  • Recital of Russian Music
  • Visual Steps
  • Visual Art Workshops
2nd Festival 1996
  • Jazz Quartet
  • Aguto (street theatre)
  • Orchestra of Colours
  • Urban Art Group
3rd Festival 1997
  • Photo exhibition Nelly’s: “Body and Dance”
  • Homage to Manos Hadjdakis (Dora Bakopoulou, Andreas Karakotas)
  • Art Games / Shadow Plays
  • Seistron Ensemble
4th Festival 1998
  • Volos Symphony Orchestra
5th Festival 1999
  • Dimitris Sgouros Piano Recital
6th Festival 2000
  • Transdance: Programme for the Body and the New Technologies (in collaboration with the e-phos Festival of Film and New Media on Art)
  • Photo exhibition by Natalia Doukoumetzidou “Dream Play”
10th Festival 2004
  • Video Dance (Trisha Brown & Philippe Decouflé)
  • Concerts by the Jazz Band & the Percussion Quartet of Kalamata Municipal Conservatory
  • Street shows by Irven Lewis Company
11th Festival 2005
  • Pandum (street theatre)
12th Festival 2006
  • Jazz Band of Kalamata Municipal Conservatory
13th Festival 2007
  • Cie Beau Geste / Dominique Boivin “Transports Exceptionnels”
  • Encardia (music and dance from Southern Italy)
  • Cinema: “The Navigator” by Buster Keaton accompanied by live music
  • Think of One (music bus journey)
14th Festival 2008
  • The Waltzing Cats. A music concert by the Youth Orchestra and the Three Part Childern’s Choi of the Kalamata Municipal Conservatory
  • Music event with Vuyani Dance Theatre Ensemble
  • Silent Films with Live Music
  • Hip-hop event: Discípulos Do Rítmo: Ta Limpo
15th Festival 2009
  • Screening: Le Jardin των Peeping Tom
  • Screening: Un Chien Andalou by Luis Buñuel
  • Seaside Musical – An evening full of songs from musicals and other familiar tunes
  • Forward Motion: ARTISTS' CHOICE in collaboration with the British Council. Projection of a collection of contemporary dance on screen (screen dance) from Britain
  • [non ++] Public space performance by eekuipoiz
  • Concert by The Freak Brothers Band
  • Meet the Artist: conversation with Xavier Le Roy

16th Festival 2010

  • Tour in the archeological site of Ancient Messense guided by Petros Themelis
  • Piano recital by Dora Bakopoulou at the Ekklesiasterion of the Asklepieion in Ancient Messene
  • Screening: tribute to Merce Cunningham
  • Screening: tribute to Pina Bausch
  • Lights on: photo exhibition by Alexandros Niago
17th Festival 2011
  • Video screenings of choreographic material by the dance companies participating in the "7 +1" workshop
  • Video screenings: Wim Vandekeybus
  • Meet the artists: Ivana Müller
  • Storytelling with Lilly Triantari: ... And the wind whispered a handful of stories...
  • Hip-Hop evening, Featuring the B-TWINS
  • Dances for one piano, two pianists and four hands with the pianists Maria Papapetropoulou and Jacques Bernier
  • Closing performance of the workshop "7 rehearsals + 1 performance", Featuring Amorphy, Lemurius, Dalika, Prosxima and Φora etc. dance companies and the workshop participants
18th Festival 2012
  •  «Cette immense intimité» Compagnie Retouramont performance on the back side of Kalamata Dance Megaron
  • «DOBEDOBEDO» Jam set with various artists, curated by amorphy & fingersix
  • Pat Catterson Workshop Presentation
  • Storytelling by Lilly Triantari
  • Hip-Hop evening, Featuring the B-TWINS
  • Video screenings: Philippe Decouflé
  • Video screenings: Yvonne Rainer

19th Festival 2013

  • Cie József Trefeli "JINX 103"
  • Yannis Nikolaidis "L’après-midi d’un faune, 100+1 years later"
  • Presentation of the dance research workshop playforKALAMATADANCEFESTIVAL
  • Meet the artist: Lecture by Fabián Barba
20th Festival 2014
  • "What If" Workshop Performance
  • "On the road" workshop performance
  • Mythical Dances of Messenia Exhibition
  • Screening of choreographic material by the companies participating in the choreography workshops
  • Screenings from the archives of the Kalamata International Dance Festival to accompany the temporary exhibition "Mythical Dances of Messenia"
21st Festival 2015
  • On the road photography exhibition
  • Evening of screenings and surprise event
  • Screening Pina by Wim Wenders
  • Public presentation/performance by the participants of the 360° choreography workshop
  • Video art screenings from the archives of Festival Miden

22nd Festival 2016

  • Screening First Position directed by Bess Kargman (co-organised with CineDoc)
  • Exhibition “Mythical Dances of Messenia”: Choreographies by Barbara Kane και exhibition tour (co-organised by Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia
  • Screening Drops of Peace by the companies Dk-Bel / Sophie Bulbulyan and Quasi Stellar / Apostolia Papadamaki
  • Cello recital by Indira Rahmatulla and Dance Improvisation
  • Screening All This Can Happen by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton from Siobhan Davies Dance company.
  • Screening The Running Tongue by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton from company Siobhan Davies Dance
  • Public presentation of Barbara Kane’s workshop
  • Public presentation of Pat Catterson’s workshop
  • Opera Gala with Dimitris Platanias and Yiannis Christopoulos υπό τη διεύθυνση του Μίλτου Λογιάδη

 23rd Festival 2017

  • Screening Martha & Niki by Tora Mkandawire Martens
  • Screening Working Dancers by Konstantina Boumsboura and Julia Martinez Heimann
  • Screening Mr. Gaga by Tomer Heymann
  • Public Presentation of Barbara Kane’s workshop
  • Masked battles, piano recital by Alexia Mouza
  • The Museum dances (touring & presentation) by Barbara Kane

 24th Festival 2018

  • Photo Exhibition Inhancutilitatem by Josef Nadj
  • Latin Jazz Evening El Violin Latino meets Yumarya, in collaboration with the festival «International Kalamata Music Days» organized by Kalamata Municipal Conservatory
  • Workshop for children performance «The Lost Sock »